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Building A Living Brand

Touchworks was approached by another consulting company interested in partnering for the purpose of developing a brand strategy for a large national charitable organization. A separate brand strategy would also be conducted for the Founder of the organization.

As the Founder of the organization and his team wished to be “hands-on” in this initiative, there were several phases and numerous group meetings and workshops held over the
six-month duration of the project.

The purpose of this project was to present recommendations for a brand image and positioning that would provide foundation, direction and consistency for all of the organization’s marketing and fundraising communications and messages.

The first phase of the project began by conducting a brand assessment based on relevant materials and documents provided by the organization. This included target group analysis, competitor analysis and self-analysis.  

Based on the conclusions and recommendations made during the first phase, it was agreed that the existing research was inadequate in meeting the needs of this particular project. Touchworks then began to work with an independent research company to provide qualitative and quantitative research in order to serve as a benchmark for evaluating the success of the brand strategy.

The process then led to the articulation of the organization’s and Founder’s brand identity, brand positioning and brand messaging.

Once the brand strategy had been developed, Touchworks provided the conceptual development of the organization’s brand in the form of a “toolbox” that would act as the “creative brief” for all internal and external communications, vehicles, messaging and audiences. The “toolbox” included colour palettes, written themes, story explorations, visual vocabulary and the identity framework.

The organization chose to develop this tool as an intranet so that staff and consultants working with the organization could access its contents in a user-friendly format. A communications plan was then developed to integrate the organization’s marketing and fundraising objectives in a way that was consistent with the brand strategy.

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