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Data Services

The foundation of any organization is its database. 

In fact it is usually the biggest asset! Ensuring that records are accurate, current and comprehensive is a must for today’s nonprofit or business and is often one of the most challenging areas to manage. And understanding what the information truly means can be equally daunting.

Touchworks can help. Our team gets data! We provide services that streamline processes and ensure efficiencies. And, we help you make sense of the information in a way that will enable sound decision-making and more accurate revenue projections for the future.

We provide the following services:

  • historical giving analysis/purchasing behaviours
  • audits of the back-end department to assess existing procedures and make recommendations on how to improve them
  • coordination of merge/purge and other data services such as address correction, change of address and duplicate elimination
  • coordination of profile analysis to determine the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the donor or customer

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