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Direct Response Marketing

Each year Canadian social purpose organizations and businesses earn billions of dollars through direct response marketing. In fact 80% of charitable gifts start with a direct mail letter.

This data-driven, broad-based fundraising vehicle is unparalleled in its ability to test, measure and modify customized strategies. And for the organization that wants to develop long-term relationships with donors and customers, the importance of having good historical giving information is essential for identifying the best prospects for cultivation.

Touchworks has been a specialist in database marketing for many years. We will help you develop an integrated direct response program that will:

  • Retain active donors and customers
  • Upgrade the annual value of existing donors and customers
  • Recover lapsed donors and customers
  • Acquire new donors and customers

For social purpose organizations, we will also help you build your monthly giving program, establish donor-centric gift acknowledgement and recognition procedures and find the best ways to integrate mail, phone and online for maximum impact and return on investment.

For businesses, we will help you start and operate a thoughtful customer relations marketing program that retains and rewards loyal customers.

And if you’re not sure about your existing program or whether or not you have the right technology and in-house resources to fulfill your goals. We can help. We will conduct an audit of your program and it’s infrastructure and give you our best advice for improvement.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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